Mus musculus Gene: Tbx3
InnateDB Gene IDBG-195379.6
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Gene Symbol Tbx3
Gene Name T-box 3
Synonyms D5Ertd189e;
Species Mus musculus
Ensembl Gene ENSMUSG00000018604
Encoded Proteins
Protein Structure
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Entrez Gene
Summary This gene does not have any Entrez summary - the following is the summary from its human ortholog ENSG00000135111:
This gene is a member of a phylogenetically conserved family of genes that share a common DNA-binding domain, the T-box. T-box genes encode transcription factors involved in the regulation of developmental processes. This protein is a transcriptional repressor and is thought to play a role in the anterior/posterior axis of the tetrapod forelimb. Mutations in this gene cause ulnar-mammary syndrome, affecting limb, apocrine gland, tooth, hair, and genital development. Alternative splicing of this gene results in three transcript variants encoding different isoforms; however, the full length nature of one variant has not been determined. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008]
Gene Information
Type Protein coding
Genomic Location Chromosome 5:119670669-119684724
Strand Forward strand
Band F
ENSMUST00000018748 ENSMUSP00000018748
ENSMUST00000079719 ENSMUSP00000078657
ENSMUST00000121021 ENSMUSP00000112519
Number of Interactions This gene and/or its encoded proteins are associated with 2 experimentally validated interaction(s) in this database.
They are also associated with 4 interaction(s) predicted by orthology.
Experimentally validated
Total 2 [view]
Protein-Protein 2 [view]
Protein-DNA 0
Protein-RNA 0
Predicted by orthology
Total 4 [view]
Gene Ontology

Molecular Function
Accession GO Term
GO:0001085 RNA polymerase II transcription factor binding
GO:0001102 RNA polymerase II activating transcription factor binding
GO:0003700 sequence-specific DNA binding transcription factor activity
GO:0005515 protein binding
GO:0043565 sequence-specific DNA binding
Biological Process
GO:0000122 negative regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter
GO:0001501 skeletal system development
GO:0001568 blood vessel development
GO:0001701 in utero embryonic development
GO:0001947 heart looping
GO:0003007 heart morphogenesis
GO:0003151 outflow tract morphogenesis
GO:0003167 atrioventricular bundle cell differentiation
GO:0006351 transcription, DNA-templated
GO:0006355 regulation of transcription, DNA-templated
GO:0007569 cell aging
GO:0008284 positive regulation of cell proliferation
GO:0008595 anterior/posterior axis specification, embryo
GO:0009887 organ morphogenesis
GO:0010159 specification of organ position
GO:0019827 stem cell maintenance
GO:0021761 limbic system development
GO:0030539 male genitalia development
GO:0030540 female genitalia development
GO:0030857 negative regulation of epithelial cell differentiation
GO:0030879 mammary gland development
GO:0032275 luteinizing hormone secretion
GO:0035108 limb morphogenesis
GO:0035115 embryonic forelimb morphogenesis
GO:0035136 forelimb morphogenesis
GO:0042127 regulation of cell proliferation
GO:0042733 embryonic digit morphogenesis
GO:0043066 negative regulation of apoptotic process
GO:0045662 negative regulation of myoblast differentiation
GO:0045787 positive regulation of cell cycle
GO:0045892 negative regulation of transcription, DNA-templated
GO:0045893 positive regulation of transcription, DNA-templated
GO:0046884 follicle-stimulating hormone secretion
GO:0048332 mesoderm morphogenesis
GO:0055007 cardiac muscle cell differentiation
GO:0060021 palate development
GO:0060412 ventricular septum morphogenesis
GO:0060444 branching involved in mammary gland duct morphogenesis
GO:0060596 mammary placode formation
GO:0060923 cardiac muscle cell fate commitment
GO:0060931 sinoatrial node cell development
GO:0090398 cellular senescence
GO:2000648 positive regulation of stem cell proliferation
Cellular Component
GO:0005634 nucleus
Homo sapiens
Bos taurus
Gene ID
Gene Order
Non-SSD Ortholog
Possible paralog/unusual divergence/ gene prediction error
Not yet available
Non-SSD Ortholog
Possible paralog/unusual divergence/ gene prediction error
UniProt Splice Variant
Entrez Gene
UniGene Mm.219139 Mm.486639
RefSeq NM_011535 NM_198052 XM_006530276 XM_006530277
CCDS CCDS19613 CCDS19614
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