Network Analysis - Upload Data

The InnateDB curation team has annotated 25,000 molecular interactions of relevance to innate immunity - constructing the first innate immunity interactome (see our paper published in BMC Systems Biology). Although InnateDB curation focuses on innate immunity-relevant interactions, InnateDB also incorporates detailed annotation on the entire human, mouse and bovine interactomes by integrating data (352,782+ interactions) from other major interaction databases. InnateDB network analysis allows users to build, visualize and analyze the molecular interaction networks that a gene list of interest and their encoded products are components of. Users can potentially uncover as yet unknown signaling cascades or pathways, functionally relevant sub-networks and the central molecules, or hubs, of these networks.

To do a Network Analysis, first upload a tab-delimited text file or Excel spreadsheet (.xls files only) of gene/protein identifiers (human, mouse or cow only) and any associated quantitative data (e.g. gene expression data fold-changes and p-values) from up to 10 conditions/time-points. Please see our help page if you are unsure how to do this and to see what IDs are accepted. On the options page you can then specify criteria to filter the returned interaction list

Once you have a list of interactions associated with your gene/protein list - click on the "Cerebral" button at the top of the page to visualise and analyse the network.

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