Homo sapiens Gene: BMP3
InnateDB Gene IDBG-26583.6
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Gene Symbol BMP3
Gene Name bone morphogenetic protein 3
Synonyms BMP-3A;
Species Homo sapiens
Ensembl Gene ENSG00000152785
Encoded Proteins
bone morphogenetic protein 3
Protein Structure
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Entrez Gene
Summary BMP3 belongs to the transforming growth factor-beta (TGFB) superfamily. Bone morphogenic protein, also known as osteogenin, induces bone formation. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008]
Gene Information
Type Protein coding
Genomic Location Chromosome 4:81030965-81057531
Strand Forward strand
Band q21.21
ENST00000282701 ENSP00000282701
Number of Interactions This gene and/or its encoded proteins are associated with 8 experimentally validated interaction(s) in this database.
Experimentally validated
Total 8 [view]
Protein-Protein 8 [view]
Protein-DNA 0
Protein-RNA 0
Gene Ontology

Molecular Function
Accession GO Term
GO:0005102 receptor binding
GO:0005125 cytokine activity
GO:0008083 growth factor activity
GO:0070700 BMP receptor binding
Biological Process
GO:0001501 skeletal system development
GO:0001503 ossification
GO:0007267 cell-cell signaling
GO:0030154 cell differentiation
GO:0040007 growth
GO:0045944 positive regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter
GO:0051216 cartilage development
Cellular Component
GO:0005615 extracellular space
GO:0070062 extracellular vesicular exosome
Mus musculus
Bos taurus
Gene ID
Gene Order
SSD Ortholog
Ortholog supports species divergence
Not yet available
SSD Ortholog
Ortholog supports species divergence
GPCR signaling pathway
TGF-beta signaling pathway
BMP2 signaling pathway
SwissProt P12645
UniProt Splice Variant
Entrez Gene 651
UniGene Hs.387411
RefSeq NM_001201
OMIM 112263
EMBL AC093883 BC096269 BC096270 BC096271 BC117514 GQ291587 GQ291588 GQ291589 GQ291590 GQ291591 GQ291592 GQ291593 GQ291594 GQ291595 GQ291596 GQ291597 GQ291598 GQ291599 GQ291600 GQ291601 GQ291602 GQ291603 GQ291604 GQ291605 GQ291606 GQ291607 GQ291608 GQ291609 GQ291610 GQ291611 GQ291612 GQ291613 GQ291614 GQ291615 GQ291616 GQ291617 GQ291618 GQ291619 GQ291620 GQ291621 GQ291622 GQ291623 GQ291624 GQ291625 GQ291626 GQ291627 GQ291628 GQ291629 GQ291630 GQ291631 GQ291632 GQ291633 GQ291634 GQ291635 GQ291636 GQ291637 GQ291638 GQ291639 GQ291640 GQ291641 GQ291642 GQ291644 GQ291645 GQ291646 GQ291647 GQ291648 GQ291649 GQ291650 GQ291651 GQ291652 GQ291653 GQ291654 GQ291655 GQ291657 GQ291658 GQ291659 GQ291660 GQ291661 GQ291662 GQ291663 GQ291664 GQ291665 GQ291666 GQ291667 GQ291668 GQ291669 GQ291670 GQ291671 GQ291673 GQ291674 GQ291675 GQ291676 GQ291677 GQ291678 GQ291679 GQ291680 GQ291681 GQ291682 GQ291683 GQ291684 GQ291685 GQ291686 GQ291687 GQ291688 GQ291689 GQ291690 GQ291691 GQ291692 GQ291693 GQ291695 GQ291696 GQ291697 GQ291698 GQ291699 GQ291700 GQ291701 GQ291702 GQ291703 GQ291704 GQ291705 GQ291706 GQ291707 GQ291708 GQ291709 GQ291710 GQ291711 GQ291712 GQ291713 GQ291714 GQ291715 GQ291716 GQ291717 GQ291719 GQ291720 GQ291721 GQ291722 GQ291723 GQ291724 GQ291725 GQ291726 GQ291728 GQ291729 GQ291730 GQ291731 GQ291877 GQ291878 GQ291879 GQ291880 GQ291881 GQ291882 GQ291883 GQ291884 GQ291885 GQ291886 GQ291887 GQ291888 GQ291889 GQ291890 GQ291891 GQ291892 GQ291893 GQ291894 GQ291895 GQ291896 GQ291897 GQ291898 GQ291899 GQ291900 GQ291901 GQ291902 GQ291903 GQ291904 GQ291905 GQ291906 GQ291907 GQ291908 GQ291909 GQ291910 GQ291911 GQ291912 GQ291913 GQ291914 GQ291915 GQ291916 GQ291917 GQ291918 GQ291919 GQ291920 GQ291921 GQ291922 GQ291923 GQ291924 GQ291925 GQ291926 GQ291927 GQ291928 GQ291929 GQ291930 GQ291931 GQ291932 GQ291933 GQ291934 GQ291935 GQ291936 GQ291937 GQ291938 GQ291939 GQ291940 GQ291941 GQ291942 GQ291943 GQ291944 GQ291945 GQ291946 GQ291947 GQ291948 GQ291949 GQ291950 GQ291951 GQ291952 GQ291953 GQ291954 GQ291955 GQ291956 GQ291957 GQ291958 GQ291959 GQ291960 GQ291961 GQ291962 GQ291963 GQ291964 GQ291965 GQ291966 GQ291967 GQ291968 GQ291969 GQ291970 GQ291971 GQ291972 GQ291973 GQ291974 GQ291975 GQ291976 GQ291977 GQ291978 GQ291979 GQ291980 GQ291981 GQ291982 GQ291983 GQ291984 GQ291985 GQ291986 GQ291987 GQ291988 GQ291989 GQ291990 GQ291991 GQ291992 GQ291993 GQ291994 GQ291995 GQ291996 GQ291997 GQ291998 GQ291999 GQ292000 GQ292001 GQ292002 GQ292003 GQ292004 GQ292005 GQ292006 GQ292007 GQ292008 GQ292009 GQ292010 GQ292011 GQ292012 GQ292013 GQ292014 GQ292015 GQ292016 GQ292017 GQ292018 GQ292019 GQ292020 GQ292021 M22491
GenPept AAA51836 AAH96269 AAH96270 AAH96271 AAI17515 ACT09664 ACT09665 ACT09666 ACT09667 ACT09668 ACT09669 ACT09670 ACT09671 ACT09672 ACT09673 ACT09674 ACT09675 ACT09676 ACT09677 ACT09678 ACT09679 ACT09680 ACT09681 ACT09682 ACT09683 ACT09684 ACT09685 ACT09686 ACT09687 ACT09688 ACT09689 ACT09690 ACT09691 ACT09692 ACT09693 ACT09694 ACT09695 ACT09696 ACT09697 ACT09698 ACT09699 ACT09700 ACT09701 ACT09702 ACT09703 ACT09704 ACT09705 ACT09706 ACT09707 ACT09708 ACT09709 ACT09710 ACT09711 ACT09712 ACT09713 ACT09714 ACT09715 ACT09716 ACT09717 ACT09718 ACT09719 ACT09721 ACT09722 ACT09723 ACT09724 ACT09725 ACT09726 ACT09727 ACT09728 ACT09729 ACT09730 ACT09731 ACT09732 ACT09734 ACT09735 ACT09736 ACT09737 ACT09738 ACT09739 ACT09740 ACT09741 ACT09742 ACT09743 ACT09744 ACT09745 ACT09746 ACT09747 ACT09748 ACT09750 ACT09751 ACT09752 ACT09753 ACT09754 ACT09755 ACT09756 ACT09757 ACT09758 ACT09759 ACT09760 ACT09761 ACT09762 ACT09763 ACT09764 ACT09765 ACT09766 ACT09767 ACT09768 ACT09769 ACT09770 ACT09772 ACT09773 ACT09774 ACT09775 ACT09776 ACT09777 ACT09778 ACT09779 ACT09780 ACT09781 ACT09782 ACT09783 ACT09784 ACT09785 ACT09786 ACT09787 ACT09788 ACT09789 ACT09790 ACT09791 ACT09792 ACT09793 ACT09794 ACT09796 ACT09797 ACT09798 ACT09799 ACT09800 ACT09801 ACT09802 ACT09803 ACT09805 ACT09806 ACT09807 ACT09808 ACT09954 ACT09955 ACT09956 ACT09957 ACT09958 ACT09959 ACT09960 ACT09961 ACT09962 ACT09963 ACT09964 ACT09965 ACT09966 ACT09967 ACT09968 ACT09969 ACT09970 ACT09971 ACT09972 ACT09973 ACT09974 ACT09975 ACT09976 ACT09977 ACT09978 ACT09979 ACT09980 ACT09981 ACT09982 ACT09983 ACT09984 ACT09985 ACT09986 ACT09987 ACT09988 ACT09989 ACT09990 ACT09991 ACT09992 ACT09993 ACT09994 ACT09995 ACT09996 ACT09997 ACT09998 ACT09999 ACT10000 ACT10001 ACT10002 ACT10003 ACT10004 ACT10005 ACT10006 ACT10007 ACT10008 ACT10009 ACT10010 ACT10011 ACT10012 ACT10013 ACT10014 ACT10015 ACT10016 ACT10017 ACT10018 ACT10019 ACT10020 ACT10021 ACT10022 ACT10023 ACT10024 ACT10025 ACT10026 ACT10027 ACT10028 ACT10029 ACT10030 ACT10031 ACT10032 ACT10033 ACT10034 ACT10035 ACT10036 ACT10037 ACT10038 ACT10039 ACT10040 ACT10041 ACT10042 ACT10043 ACT10044 ACT10045 ACT10046 ACT10047 ACT10048 ACT10049 ACT10050 ACT10051 ACT10052 ACT10053 ACT10054 ACT10055 ACT10056 ACT10057 ACT10058 ACT10059 ACT10060 ACT10061 ACT10062 ACT10063 ACT10064 ACT10065 ACT10066 ACT10067 ACT10068 ACT10069 ACT10070 ACT10071 ACT10072 ACT10073 ACT10074 ACT10075 ACT10076 ACT10077 ACT10078 ACT10079 ACT10080 ACT10081 ACT10082 ACT10083 ACT10084 ACT10085 ACT10086 ACT10087 ACT10088 ACT10089 ACT10090 ACT10091 ACT10092 ACT10093 ACT10094 ACT10095 ACT10096 ACT10097 ACT10098
RNA Seq Atlas 651