Colors, layers and other attributes can be customized as needed by modifying the first lines in the file CerebralWeb
Parameter Default Description
layer_attribute_name localization Ordered list of layers from top to bottom
layers ['Extracellular', 'Cell surface', 'Plasma membrane', 'Cytoplasm', 'Nucleus', 'Unknown'] Ordered list of layers from top to bottom
colors {"Nucleus": "#33CC33",
"Plasma membrane": "#FF9900",
"Cytoplasm": "#9999FF",
"Extracellular": "#FFCC11",
"Cell surface": "#3366FF",
"Unknown": "#8e8e8e"}
Map with the color of each layer
highLighColor red Color of highlighted elements
backgroundColor #FFFFFF Background color
gridLineWidth 0.2px Width of the line between layers
gridColor #323232 Color of the line between layers
font 12pt Arial Font of the labels of each layer
edgeColor #5f5f5f Edges color
edgeWidth 0.8px Edges width
edgeLabel black Edges label color
nodeLabel white Nodes label color
borderNodeLabel black Border Nodes label color
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Method Default Description
filterTable(filter) Null This method is called after a filter event is fired in the graph. It is initially empty, you can write the code you need to make the graph filter interact with any other component in your web page.
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Elements JSON
You can add to your JSON elements as much information as you need but the mandatory info for nodes and edges is:
   "data": {
     "id": "node_id",
     "name": "node_name",
     "[layer_attribute_name]": "layer_x"
   "group": "nodes"
   "data": {
     "id": "edge_id",
     "name": "info you want to popup on mouseover (interaction type, interactor types, ...)",
     "source": "node_idA",
     "target": "node_idB",
     "idgroup": "edge_id"
   "group": "edges"