Subcellular localization
InnateDB offers a Web service to get Cerebral “slimmed-down” subcellular localizations for a list of human, mouse or bovine Gene IDs. The IDs can be InnateDB IDs, Entrez Gene IDs, Ensembl Gene ID or UniProt Accession Numbers. It will look-up the Gene Ontology (GO) Cellular Compartment terms associated with each gene and using a manually created internal map of GO Cellular Compartment terms to Cerebral Localisation terms - map GO to Cerebral Localisations. Many proteins have multiple possible subcellular localisations. Rather than duplicate such nodes throughout different localisations, the webservice will choose one representative node, which in our opinion is the most information rich e.g. nuclear, extracellular and membrane localizations will take precedence over cytoplasm if there are multiple possible localisations - as we believe that knowing that a protein is localised in these compartments is more information rich (i.e. tells you something about what the protein might do).
Output JSON map: {ID:localization}
  "ENSG00000129083": "Plasma membrane",
  "ENSG00000172936": "Plasma membrane",
  "ENSG00000134070": "Cell surface",
  "ENSG00000164346": "Nucleus",
  "ENSG00000198001": "Plasma membrane",
  "ENSG00000140538": "Plasma membrane",
  "ENSG00000196616": "Cytoplasm"