Mus musculus Gene: Habp2
InnateDB Gene IDBG-178182.6
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Gene Symbol Habp2
Gene Name hyaluronic acid binding protein 2
Species Mus musculus
Ensembl Gene ENSMUSG00000025075
Encoded Proteins
hyaluronic acid binding protein 2
hyaluronic acid binding protein 2
hyaluronic acid binding protein 2
hyaluronic acid binding protein 2
hyaluronic acid binding protein 2
hyaluronic acid binding protein 2
Protein Structure
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Entrez Gene
Summary This gene does not have any Entrez summary - the following is the summary from its human ortholog ENSG00000148702:
The protein encoded by this gene is an extracellular serine protease that binds hyaluronic acid and is involved in cell adhesion. The encoded protein is synthesized as a single chain, but then undergoes an autoproteolytic event to form the functional heterodimer. Further autoproteolysis leads to smaller, inactive peptides. This protease is known to cleave urinary plasminogen activator, coagulation factor VII, and the alpha and beta chains of fibrinogen, but not prothrombin, plasminogen, or the gamma chain of fibrinogen. Two transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been found for this gene. [provided by RefSeq, Apr 2010]
Gene Information
Type Protein coding
Genomic Location Chromosome 19:56287137-56320822
Strand Forward strand
Band D2
ENSMUST00000078284 ENSMUSP00000077402
ENSMUST00000095948 ENSMUSP00000093641
ENSMUST00000171341 ENSMUSP00000126235
ENSMUST00000166049 ENSMUSP00000132444
ENSMUST00000163502 ENSMUSP00000128964
ENSMUST00000165522 ENSMUSP00000130809
Number of Interactions This gene and/or its encoded proteins are associated with 0 experimentally validated interaction(s) in this database.
They are also associated with 3 interaction(s) predicted by orthology.
Predicted by orthology
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Gene Ontology

Molecular Function
Accession GO Term
GO:0003824 catalytic activity
GO:0004252 serine-type endopeptidase activity
GO:0005509 calcium ion binding
GO:0005515 protein binding
Biological Process
GO:0006508 proteolysis
Cellular Component
GO:0005576 extracellular region
Homo sapiens
Bos taurus
Gene ID
Gene Order
Not yet available
SwissProt Q8K0D2
TrEMBL E9Q092 E9Q0C5 E9QM92 F7B276 F7D2A6 Q3V1J8
UniProt Splice Variant
Entrez Gene 226243
UniGene Mm.25791
RefSeq NM_146101 XM_006527014 XM_006527016 XM_006527017
MGI ID MGI:1196378
MGI Symbol Habp2
EMBL AC115771 AC161579 AK132407 BC031775
GenPept AAH31775 BAE21152
RNA Seq Atlas 226243